AM 71: Semi automatic Shoelace Tipping Machine for Acetate-Film and Metal

Technical Specifications


ca. 1,500 Laces / hour

Length of Shoelaces

0.10 m – unlimited


400 kg

Country of origin



3 years


  • round and flat shoelaces
  • all materials
  • tipping with acetate-film
  • tipping with metal
  • tipping of elastics

Maximum Flexibility

The machine offers maximum flexibility, since all shoelaces can be made from a length of 10 cm. The maximum length is unlimited. Furthermore, we can allow through a special form of dies, that a very large range of different diameters of the cords can be tipped.

The special Tipping-System

Our semi-automatic shoelace-tipping machine AM 71 works with the same tipping – system as our fully automatic machines. The big advantage is that the lace and the film are pressed together first under extreme pressure, before being cut.

On this machine, three types of die-boxes can be used: tipping with acetate-film, with metal (with and without punching) and fusing synthetic cords only by heat.

Interchangeable Die-Boxes

The tipping of shoelaces is done by dies, which wrap the acetate - film around the shoelace, press all together under high pressure and cut. Depending on the thickness of the shoelace you will need different sizes of dies. The change of dies when changing from thick to thin shoelaces takes about 1 hour.
In our machine the complete die-box with the dies inside can be changed. A die-box with a small die can be changed in about 5 minutes against a die-box with a large die. This is not only a significant advantage of time- and cost-beneficial. The wear of the dies is reduced hereby very much.

Our Die-Boxes and Dies are identical with those of the company ARTOS and can consequently be interchanged.