AM 75-Ultra: Fully automatic Shoelace Tipping Machine with Ultrasound

Technical Specifications


max. 1,200 Laces / hour

Length of Shoelaces

0.20 m – 2.40 m
(other lengths on request)

Cutting Process

Laser or Cold Knife


1,000 kg

Country of origin



3 years


  • round and flat shoelaces
  • Laces made of synthetic fibres

Production Process

Synthetic cords are pressed into a mold, melted with ultrasound in a fraction of a second, and formed by cooling. The tip normally can not be destroyed. Several times the tip was washed for 60 minutes at 90° C and had no changes. Here the lace is pulled and cut as in our standard machine AM 75.

Muster von ultraschall-verschweißten Schnüren


About the touch screen all essential settings can de made very easily, such as length of the cords, and the production speed, the ultrasound datas: of melting-time, amplitude and cool down time.

Cutting the Cords

At the machine AM 75 ultrasound there are two ways to cut the welded ends: laser cutting or cutting with a cold knife. The cutting with a laser has the advantage that even the smallest threads are fused at the cutting edge. It can lead to sharp edges.

When cutting with the cold knife there will be no hard edges, but it can remain loose individual threads.