AM-LÜ: Fully automatic Shoelace Waxing Machine

Technical Specifications


0 – 40 m / hour


1,000 kg

Country of origin



3 years


  • round laces made of cotton
  • flat laces made of cotton
  • Cords made of Cotton obtain a shiny surface and become readily stiffened

Production Process

The machine pulls fully automatically the cords through a bath with a special liquid into the machine. Inside the machine, the cords are brushed smooth and the surface is fixed by heat. At the end of the cords left the machine with smooth, shiny surface and a bit stiff. By the tension of the cords, the liquid used and by the throughput speed, the effects on the strings can be varied.


We recommend our product LM 10. With our machine AM LÜ in connection with the product LM 10, the cords are coated on the surface.
As a result, the cords of cotton get stiffened and shiny. The intensity of this process can be adjusted with the machine and the liquid.


Our machine works with brushes in the form of half pipes. These can be removed easily and quickly from the machine in order to clean them or to replace against others. This is important when you want to change from black to white cords for example.