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Artur Müller & Söhne - Shoelace Tipping Machines with highest Efficiency since 1949

Machines and Devices for the Tipping of Shoelaces

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Technical Innovations by Artur Müller & Söhne

AM 74-ULTRA and AM 75-ULTRA: Tipping of Shoelaces by Ultrasound

In the year 2010, the company Artur Müller & Söhne developed a new form of tipping of synthetic laces: Through ultrasound, the fiber is melted and pressed into a mold. This fully automatic process is worldwide unique.
In 2013 was further developed to cut the lace by a laser instead of the knife.

AM-ET Crosswinder: Label Pairs of Shoelaces

In addition to the machine AM ET Parallel Winder, which was developed in 2000, presented Artur Müller & Söhne first in 2014 the machine AM ET Corsswinder with feed chain for more than 20 pairs of shoelaces.

T-Lace for Paper Bags

The Tipping Machines of Artur Müller & Söhne produce up to 6,600 shoelaces per hour. 2009 an additional equipment was developed, which enables our customers to produce on these machines with the same speed T-Laces for paper bags.