AM-WEB-TEX: Fully Automatic Machine to coat Woven Labels

Technical Specifications


on request

Motor Power

2 x 500 Watt


max.  2000 Watt


Labels made of Cotton and Labels made of synthetic Fibers


160 kg

Country of origin



3 years


  • Woven Labels are coated
  • applying a boil, washing and cleaning-resistant coating
  • coated labels can be ironed

Powder Coating Process

On the machine WEB-TEX woven labels of cotton and synthetic fibers are dusted with a special powder, which is then fixed by heat on the backside of woven label. Later these woven labels can be ironed on textiles. They will be fixed for boiling, washing and cleaning.
In the standard version 6 lanes are pollinated simultaneously with the powder. Electronically adjustable, the amount of powder per cm woven label can be set. The fixing of the powder ULTRA 7 is done by three heaters that begin to melt the powder shortly, so that it remains attached to the woven label. Again, the temperature and fixing may be varied in many ways.

Pulver ULTRA 7

We recommend our special powder ULTRA 7. There is a very fine powder, which makes it possible to make the pollination of woven labels also minimal. ULTRA 7 has a very high adhesion property and resistance: Ironed on the woven label, it is washing and dry cleaning resistant connected to the fabric.