Device for the Production of Shoelaces

Hand Winder

Manual winding and labeling of pairs of shoelaces

The hand winder is fixed at the table and can be used both for winding flat and round laces.

Length Winder

Winding and Length Measuring of Cords

The Length Winder is particularly used as an accessory for the semi-automatic shoelace-tipping machine AM 71. The four arms are adjustable and can be adjusted to the desired length laf shoelaces.


Unwinding of Hanks of Laces and Cords

Many laces are dyed in hanks. The dyed hank is put on the unwind-crown, stretched from the inside and finally pulled off by hand.


Manually blister packaging of shoelaces

The Blisterpresse can be supplied with a lap for two or four pairs of shoelaces. In the expansion version the blister press can also be offered as a round table with 4 stations.
In all cases, the blister package is inserted into the lap first, which is then filled with a labeled pair of shoelaces. As a conclusion, a paper card is placed, which is then bonded under heat with the blister.