AM-AMET 2000: Fully automatic Tipping and Packaging Machine for Pairs of Shoelaces

Technical Specifications


400 pairs / hour

Length of Shoelaces

0.40 m – 1.80 m
(other lengths on request)


1,100 kg

Country of origin



3 years


  • round and flat shoelaces
  • all materials
  • tipping and labeling
  • labeling pairs of shoelaces

Production Process

The machine pulls fully automatic two cords parallel, measures them to the adjusted length  set on the touch screen, tipps both cords, wrapps and labels them. The machine can be delivered as "Parallel Winder" and as "Cross-Winder".
We also offer the possibility to supply the machine with a bar code printer and a storage space for more than 60 articles.

Parallelwinder / Crosswinder

The machine as a parallel winder winds the pair of laces such that the laces lie on one another after each rotation. The result is a squared package that requires just a little storage space. The machine as Cross Winder wraps the laces pair such that a flat and round packet arises. The size of the package is limited.


About the touch screen all essential settings can de made very easily, such as turnings of the winding-head.
In addition, you can run separately in setup, all cylinders and movements on the touch screen.