AM-AL: Fully automatic Machine for Measuring and Cutting

Technical Specifications


up to 40 m / min.

Thickness of Material

from 0,1 mm to 10 mm
or on request

Width of Material

from 10 mm to 120 mm
or on request

Length Tolerance

max. +/- 0.5 mm, depending to the material


180 kg

Country of origin



3 years


  • cords
  • rubber band
  • all cuttable materials

Production Process

The cutting machine pulls automatically the material from a spool or out of a barrel, pulls it on the desired length, input on the electronic counter and cuts. After that, the next operation is started automatically. A particular advantage of the machine AM-AL is that the knife is guided laterally as in a guillotine. This guarantees permanently precise cut even if thicker materials. In particular thinnest threads are always severed by this method.

Your requirements determine the Machine

Depending on the customer requirements, we offer different configurations of our cutting machine. It must always be considered which materials should be cut.
Please ask us for yours optimal variant.